Presentation of the business 

Agriturf 2022 Zrt. is a new Hungarian-owned company. It was created to serve plant production, including food production. The company produces and distributes high-quality turf-based products. A significant amount of money was invested to establish a modern plant in Mezőkövesd, suitable for processing turf and producing humic acid. The production process represents the most modern technology, its operation and in all cases it works with an environmentally friendly solution.


The company is committed to preserving soil fertility in Hungary. Our credo is: We must finally realize that this is the very last moment to stop deterioration and destruction of fertile soils, because the future and fate of our children, grandchildren, and ultimately all mankind depends on it. AGRITURF ZRt was founded to utilise the accumulated experience and knowledge and serve farmers working in the Hungarian agriculture, thus protecting soils by using our natural turf-based products.



Our duty of preserving and improving the condition of agricultural soils is a priority task, as it is our responsibility to ensure the future of our grandchildren. The changing of current farming technologies is also important because if fertile soils are depleted at this rate, food production will be at risk. The population of the Earth is expected to reach 9 billion people in the near future.

The pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies is also urged by the Green Deal goals set for 2030. Europe must become climate neutral by 2050, while minimising all environmental burdens to the possible less extent. The use of pesticides must be reduced by 50%, and it is also expected to increase the proportion of areas under organic farming to 25%. Hungary is currently at 6%. The third goal is to reduce the use of fertilizers by 20%.


The increase in energy prices and the explosive increase in the price of input materials used in crop cultivation, such as fertilizers, are also affecting farmers. Due to the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian war, the lack of fertilizers is also expected to cause a significant threat in the near future.

We must fight against the harmful effects of climate change, including drought, and look for solutions to mitigate the damage in the future.

The company considers it its vocation to help and support the work of farmers with a modern and environmentally friendly technology and with the introduction of a professional, innovative, and sustainable nutrient supply.

Both the AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid product line and the developed technology are based on premium turf. The extremely valuable fulvic and humic acids in it will ensure a balanced nutrition of the plants, in an all-natural way.


The AGRITURF Technology based on Premium Turf Liquid can solve nutrient supply in a natural and efficient way - based on the results and experience of the tests done so far. With its application, the amount of fertilizer can be reduced by 50%. What’s more, if nutrients have been supplemented professionally for some years, fertilizers can completely be omitted for 2 years. Compared to control areas (i.e. untreated soil) there is higher yield average and yield quality. The product reduces plant stress caused by drought, thus mitigating damages. It has a beneficial effect on preserving and improving soil fertility.


The company compels to introduce its turf-based products to Hungarian farmers and encourage them to use those products. We would like to see the spreading of the entire technology of using our Premium Turf Liquid.

With the Premium Turf Liquid product we not only target domestic markets, but also EU countries.