Our solutions to problems :

  1. In the case of cereals (spring and winter wheat, spring rye, spring and winter barley, spring triticale), the AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid was not applied to the soil before sowing. 

    AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid can be applied even if the corn has already been sown (autumn or spring) and it has a few leaves. The recommended dose is also 15 l/ha* - 250-300 l/ha diluted with water. If there is another operation (e.g. weed controll), the product can be applied together with it. 

*Older type of the AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid: 30l/ha

  1. During the second application of AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid (before flowering, rippening), it is expected that the plant population (maize, sunflower) will already be high, so it is not possible to enter the population even with a special sprayer. 

    Knowing the standard sprayers available, it is possible to spread the AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid when the crop can still be handled (e.g. when the maize has 7-8 leaves). 

  2. AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid don’t clog the spayer filters.  If we want to apply the AGRITURF Premium Turf Liquid together with other plant protection agents, it is definitely recommended to do a mixing test. In very rare cases, the mixing of products can be a problem for the filters. This hasn’t happened so far.